Feb 21, 2014
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How You Should Get Some Great High PR Links

Today I will tell you how a friend of mine who just started a new business and had to create a new website went about getting some of the best high pr links you could possible get in this day and age. First let me say that this guy is about as straight edge as they come. He never does anything wrong and always follows all the rules to the t. When he first created the site he spent a lot of time on the design and content, and then realized that there was really no point of that if nobody would ever see it. So that is when he realized that he would need to start doing some seo or hire a company to do it for him. After he did a bunch of research he figured out that the major influence of rankings these days was to have some high authority links pointing to your site. He then went on a mission to find a way to get some of these powerful links the right way, and what he came up with was what everyone pretty much knows, =create awesome content and eventually somebody will link to you. Unfortunately that was a very passive way of doing things for him, he is more of a take charge and do action type of guy, not a site around and wait type of guy. So his next mission was to find a provider of these high authority high pr links and work out a deal with him so that he could get the best ones available for a good price and in a fast amount of time. He eventually found a company that would work something out wit him that fit exactly what he needed and was worthwhile for them as well. Within a few days he had some awesome and really powerful links headed to his site and he was starting to see some really good results rather quickly. So now he had the great website, he had the fantastic content, and he had the links that he needed to get to page 1 for the kw’s he needed to be there. And now it is a month later and he is ranking on page 1 for every kw he wanted to, and he making tons of money off of the site either through ads, his services, or affiliate sales. He is really happy with the progress of his site, considering that it has only been about a month and he has tons of traffic and is making lots of money, I can see why he is so happy. He is even working on his second site and following the same formula with that one as well He designed a beautiful site, created some great stuff for his, and just worked out another deal with the same company to provide the links for him again. It has only been a few days so I do not have any info for you about that site yet, but I will definitely post it here when he tells me what is going with it. Just in case you want to know about the place he got the links from, you can always just check out their website here premiumseojuice.com for more info and what they can do for you.

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