Feb 10, 2014
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My Marketing Strategy

So most people know that when you do something yourself it it always done best and they way you want it. However, when you only have so much time in the day it is rough. So based on this, I have hired a SEO Company to help me out in my Marketing efforts. They are specialists in local seo and have been in the biz for over 10 years. I really trust them and have heard great things about them from many friends and co-workers. So I gave them a shot and so far it is working out great. I have seen a major improvement in search engine visibility yin just the 3 weeks they have been working. I think that it was a great idea for me to hire this company, as I only see great things ahead now. This has freed up so much of my time to getting this site back to where it was. My main source of traffic and income from this site was from local search, which is why I hired a company whose specialitty was local search. So far so good, and lets just prey that they get me back to where I was before. I have faith in SEOjus to get me back on track and if anyone wants to know about these awesome guys, just click on one of the links above I placed.

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