Aug 4, 2015
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We Used The Best NYC Movers Around

Just the other day we found out that the person that was leasing a second home for us had defaulted on their mortgage and in turn that means that the bank was foreclosing on the house. This meant that we had to move, even though we paid them every month on time, even ahead of time mostly. Now we had to ding a moving company really quick and it did not leave much time for us to do research or take the time to find a good company. So we went online and searched for nyc movers and called the first 5 that showed up on the page. We took down notes carefully and then compared them at the end of the day. It was down to only 2 moving companies and we were almost done with the selection process. Our final decision was going to come down to who had the lowest price and who had better service. Since there was no way for us to find out about their quality of service before actually using them, we had to check out their reviews online. Now we knew who we were going to use, based on price and reviews. The company we finally chose is called Serenity Movers NYC, and they are the leading moving company in NYC. We set  up everything and now all we had to do was actually move. That  day came it went rather smoothly, considering that moving is the one of the most stressful things to do. They really did a great job, from the way they packed everything up to the way they loaded everything in the truck, to the way they unloaded everything, and even how good they followed directions in placing our stuff exactly where we wanted it. Now the only thing left to do was pay them and tip them, which is completely optional and based on the quality of work they did. Now since they did a  excellent job we felt that they deserved a 20% tip, which we did give them. They really did an excellent job all around and we would highly recommend Serenity Movers in New York to anyone who is thinking about moving and that lives in the NYC area. You can get in touch with them by following the link above and their you can read all about their moving services and their pricing. We hope this helps anyone who is planning on moving anytime soon, and saves people some time when trying to find a good Moving Company In NYC.

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