Dec 31, 2015

Which Vape Review Site Do You Trust?

Today is the last day of the year 2015 and we want to write one more post for you all. So here we go. Today we write about a very popular topic that I see coming up pretty much everywhere these days, and that is Vaping. Almost everyone I know is either talking about it, doing it, or writing about it, so that should tell you how popular it is and is becoming. It is already a billion dollar industry and everyone is trying to get a piece of it. There are a lot of people starting to do Vape Reviews and they are popping up each and every day, sometimes more then one or two are being seen. It is imperative that you find one that is being totally honest with you because you are probably basing your next purchase on what they have to say. Finding a trustworthy reviewer is becoming harder and harder these days because everyone and their mother are trying to either start a YouTube channel or start a website. The site we are going to tell you about today is by far the most truthful, honest, and knowledgeable site you will ever see. They have been using these products for over 5 or so years and have tried and used almost every product that has been released to the general public.

They have quite a few reviews on their site, a bunch of different categories to choose from, it’s organized very well, and designed perfectly. One of their really famous categories that has a lot of good information and plenty to choose from is the Sub Ohm Tank Reviews category that has a bunch of the latest and greatest Tanks to read about. There are a bunch of pictures for each one along with Quick Specs, Positive things, Negative Things, and a Score for each product. There you should be able to find a good sub ohm tank to buy based on what they say and what they recommend. If I was in the market for a Sub Ohm Tank I would definitely without a question go to their site and see what tanks they like and what tanks they do not like. I completely and wholeheartedly trust everything they say and write and would take it to the bank every time.

There is another great post on their site that is about a really famous e-Juice made by Direct Vapor aka Motley Brew. It is specifically called the Motley Brew e Juice Review and it is a outstanding review that they did just recently. They have information about each of the liquids in the line, which I think is 5 or 6, and there is details on each oh them, along with lots of pictures. They claim that it is really good juice but it’s also very complex and not for people who like regular simple flavors. They also have included links to a site where you can buy each juice or the complete line all at at once.

For all of you that are reading this, we are done with this post and done with 2015. We hope you had a wonderful year, and wish you a Happy & Healthy New Years with the people you love. Be safe, and we will see you all next year.

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